Let me introduce myself:

My name is Adam Gallagher.  I was elected in 2012 by Dane County to serve as Treasurer where I have lived since moving to Madison for school in 2000, where my father was born and raised, and where my parents first met while attending the University of Wisconsin.

With the City of Madison I have served as the Deputy Clerk, worked with the Assessor’s Office on Business Personal Property, and staffed the Board of Review.  Prior to this I was with the Wisconsin State Senate where I promoted constituent outreach and was assigned to staff the Joint Committee on Finance.

While attending UW, some of my favorite courses include Institutional Economics with the Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics, Land Use Law through the Law School, and Administrative Law also through the Law School.

When time permits, I enjoy socializing with friends and family, updating the building and grounds of my property, and helping others out with their projects.

This site is to help me reach out to serve the residents of Dane County to the best of my ability as Dane County Treasurer.  In this forum, I can share current events relating to the Dane County Treasurer’s Office with with you, and you can share your comments back in response.  Please do share your suggestions and express your views on topics relevant to the Treasurer’s Office so that I can better serve you!

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  1. Adam:

    It is unlikely you remember me, but we met briefly at the Firefly Coffeehouse in Oregon while you were campaigning. I mentioned my desire for Dane County to create a public bank using the county’s assets (physical, pensions, etc.) as, well, assets.

    I have already contacted some County Board members. But I wanted to touch base with you and see if we could meet sometime and discuss this issue in more depth. At no time in our county’s history has a public bank been more necessary. I believe you stated that you believed the county’s assets are mostly with U.S. Bank, which is a very unsatisfactory situation. All of those assets, along with county pension funds and physical holdings could be used as the people’s assets in a county bank.

    Please visit the Public Banking Institute’s website (http://www.publicbankinginstitute.org/ ) for a comprehensive background and argument for the creation of publicly-owned banks. Dane County would be a perfect spot for one and because of the make-up of the Board and its more liberal-minded constituency, it is highly doable. County’s have the right to form a bank. There are FDIC issues that come into play if the bank chooses to become a public-lending institution. But the positives for the community are overwhelming. Just like private banks, a county bank could use the assets on its books to create money out of thin air and fund all sorts of necessary projects. Along with the county’s eminent domain rights, it could be used to help with the foreclosure crisis, as well.

    Please take this request seriously. Help me out on who I should contact in order to pursue this endeavor. I certainly hope you are already inclined to think of this as a great idea. There are counties all over the country investigating this solution to debt issues. Of course, the most famous example of a public bank exists in North Dakota – the stories of how that bank has helped the people of that state are legendary and have been in the making for over 100 years.

    Please keep in touch. Thanks.

  2. Matt –

    Thank you for your suggestions of using local banks and the possibility of starting a public bank. Believe it or not, I do recall visiting with you this past summer, and I am pleased you have already taken the initiative to share your suggestion with the County Board.

    I would like to clarify that Dane County has a diversification of its allocations, one of which does include US Bank. You had referenced pensions among other assets that “could be used as the people’s assets in a county bank.” While not a county bank, I am pleased to inform you that Dane County participates in the Wisconsin Retirement System. As you may recall, 2011 Wisconsin Act 32 requested a study of the retirement system, and the positive results of the current system are available online (http://etf.wi.gov/publications/wrs-study.pdf).

    I would definitely like to investigate increasing local investments during my tenure as Dane County Treasurer. In the meantime, the County Board and County Executive would be the ones you should visit with in regard to establishing a county bank.

    Best wishes,
    – Adam Gallagher, Dane County Treasurer

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